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Please note: All platform tips are for blog templates and page elements at Blogger.com

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Introduction to Blogging

Creating Your Blog

1 - Where to get a blog
2 - Create a Blogger blog
3 - Create your account
4 - Choose your blog url
5 - Choose your template

Sidebar Info
6 - Sidebar Content
7 - Sidebar Options
8 - Creating the Sidebar
9 - Add a Link List
10 - Add a photo

Creating a Post

11 - How to
12 - Anatomy of a Post
13 - Blank Post
14 - A Sample Post
15 - Edit Post Directory

Miscellaneous Tips
16 - Creating LInks
17 - Images: Do you need them?
18 - Comments
19 - RSS
20 - Legal
21 Traffic Counters

Blogger Tips

Blogging Basics:
(With examples from Blogger.com)

I started the "Fun and Flirty Blog" back on Feb 3, 2006 when very few wedding professionals were blogging. In January of 2008 I had 907 monthly visitors and thought "Woo Hoo!" In January of 2010 I had 11,9000 visitors to my blog and I thought "WOO HOO!" Sometimes I almost feel like pinching myself because I can't believe how quickly my blog has grown. All I can tell you is that I try to post consistently with compassion, humor and with the desire to share useful information. In return I have made friends, learned things from my readers, received wonderful opportunities to publicize what I do and have become a better photographer, writer and speller. And you can too!

What is a Blog?

A blog as an online journal or diary. It runs in reverse chronological order so that the most recent content is at the top of the page and the oldest is at the bottom.

Blogs can be personal, political, professional or all three and anything in between!

It's somewhere you can talk about whatever you want to talk about. Hopefully it will give visitors a way to connect with you, whether this means creating or maintaining a friendship, staying in touch with family and friends, or creating a bond between yourself and future clients.

A Blog consists of a few basic components:

1. An entry by the blog owner is called a post

2. Clickable Links so people can click straight from the post to more information about what you're talking about

3. Pictures, images and videos are often included in blogs.

4. Allowing visitors to leave comments about your posts is optional.

Why to Blog:
Blogs are a viral form of marketing. They are a free, online word of mouth form of marketing what you do. Readers who like your blog may send your link to others they know or may even link directly to your blog from their own website or blog. Additional reasons to blog include:

• Create contact with new clients
• Create publicity opportunities
• Create online networking opportunities
• Give you the opportunity to be an expert
• Shows the world your business is not static. That you are constantly, learning, improving and evolving.
• Create friendships with your readers

Search Engine Indexing: Blogs allows people seeking your services on search engines like Google or Yahoo to locate your company, learn what you do and how you do it and contact you if they are interested in hiring or purchasing from you. In most cases the information you post on a blog is indexed faster then the information you post on a website.

Traffic: When you begin blogging you may only have a few readers but if you create interesting and informative content you will build your readership until you have hundreds or thousands of visitors per month.

Why to Create a Blog as a Website
• Blogger blogs are free
• Customizing a template should be less expensive then hiring a web designer and web developer to build you a website from scratch.
• They create an online presence for clients who look for more info about your company online
• They allow you to include a "website" url on your business cards and printed marketing materials

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