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Super Cute Girly Flask & Garter Sets

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When I first learned about Bootleggers' Hip Flasks I thought it was a cute and fun idea for brides and bridesmaids wearing fuller cut skirts or a fun any occasion gift. I really liked that owner Shannon Foster had so many custom options available on her site and each flask is decorated to order using embroidery & crystal appliques or charm embellishments.
Flirty Tiara Hip Flask
For instance when I asked her if she could create a "Flirty" colored set using orange and fuchsia pink her reply was "absolutely!" And to top it off the craftsmanship of the flask and garter set I saw in person was outstanding.
Crystal Bridesmaid Flask
You can order a flask with words written in sparkling crystals. Featured here is a red "Bridesmaid" flask.

Close Up of Flask

The flasks are very thin. So thin I wanted to give you an image that would show its scale.

Detachable Snaps

The flask is detachable from the garter and can also be removed from the snug, custom fit, fabric pocket for easy cleaning.

Flask Funnel

Each flask comes with a small funnel to make filling it a snap.

Crystal Bridal Hip Flask

A Something Blue Crystal "Bride" Flask

Just Married Garter Hip Flask

An embroidered "Just Married" flask that can add some fun to your wedding night!

Visit Bootleggers' Hip Flasks by clicking here www.bootleggershipflasks.com


Designer Shannon Foster

Visit Bootleggers' Hip Flasks Website by Clicking Here

Inspired by the “Flappers” of the Roaring Twenties, Bootleggers’ garters, pocket and hip flasks are a fun and unique gift to give to your bridesmaids.

You'll notice that hip flasks are slightly curved because during the days of prohibition women would tuck the flask inside their garter to conceal it.

Well, those days are long gone and now Shannon's Bootleggers' flasks are meant to be worn both hidden or exposed. Basically they can be worn as a fashion accessory even with a short skirt.

Fun Flasks

Flask Embellishments include:
• Embroidery
• Crystals
• Charms

Options Include:
• Pocket Color
• Garter Color
• Lace Color

Shannon Elizabeth

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